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"Acclaim Guard Services (AGS) Inc.” stands out as being a premier contract security company.  We are a unique, multifaceted, highly sophisticated and innovative company that will custom tailor a complete and fully comprehensive security program to meet your needs.  Every one of our college educated management staff has years, and some decades of experience in providing security for all types of clientèle.  Many actually started as a guard and worked their way up through the ranks to the positions that they hold today. 

This combination in the contract security industry is quite a rarity and one that you can use to your advantage.  When a security manager has actually worked as a security officer, got promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Field Supervisor, Operations Manager, Branch Manager, etc., they bring a world of information to your table.  Troubleshooting, sound decision making capabilities, and experienced solutions, whether it is a physical security solution or through the use of high technology, this is how Acclaim Guard Services is able to meet virtually any security related challenge.

Acclaim Guard Services has been in business since 2005 and has developed a reputation for absolute integrity that is beyond reproach.  We are best known for matching our security personnel’s background, education and experience to the job requirements and then using our managers background education and experience, to write extremely detailed written instructions on how best to protect you, your employees, and the assets that you want protected.

Acclaim Guard Services is also know for built in redundancy.  Our field supervisors will train your full time security officer, your part time security officer, and a host of rovers should either one of your permanently assigned officers need a sick day, day off or a vacation.  In this way we are proven reliable.  Acclaim Guard Services is very much a set it in place and forget it service.  No more having to manage your guard company.  Acclaim Guard Services, thorough the use of detailed daily reporting techniques, can actually make your job easier.

Acclaim Guard Services has an Alarm/CCTV division that is fully integrated with our guard division.  Over and above finding the best access control points, most efficient patrol routes, ideal times to lock doors or gates, enforcing parking and other rules and  regulations, we provide a computerized patrol monitoring system to track your security officer or patrolman every second that he/she is on your property.  Security officers can’t show up late, leave early, abandon the post in the middle of the shift, sleep on duty, socialize with someone on your property, etc. or we’ll know about it.  All of the classic problems associated with the security industry GONE FOREVER!

In addition we often integrate many of the products that our Alarm/CCTV division sells retail with our guard division’s services.  Door and window alarms, motion detectors, cameras with motion detectors that record any and all movement, in any light setting, have 720 mega pixels and up, extremely sharp color and definition up to one hundred feet away. Every one of your cameras will have remote access from any computer anywhere in the world, or from an IPad or other similar hand held internet accessible devices, to start or stop recording, tilt, pan, zoom, or switch between cameras.

The DVR’s that come with these systems have one to fourteen terabytes of memory.  One terabyte of memory will typically record ten cameras 24/7 for two and a half months.  Fourteen terabytes can hold the entire contents of the Library of Congress and still have thirty percent of the DVR’s memory left empty.

All of this technology is provided with our security services either at sixty five percent below retail, or absolutely free depending on the size of your contract, installation and maintenance included.

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