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Security Services

Acclaim Guard Services has offices in Santa Ana, Falls Church Virginia, Washington DC, and Las Vegas, Nevada and typically provides the following services within a two hundred mile radius from each of these offices.  There are exceptions like off duty Police Services and Bodyguard Services that can be provided anywhere in the United States of America.

Acclaim Guard Services provides completely integrated on site security and patrol services for high rise office buildings, construction sites, hotels, motels, resorts, apartment and condominium complexes, private residences, commercial and industrial complexes, shopping centers of all sizes, car dealerships, car rental companies, banks, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, national and private monuments, museum’s, restaurant

chains, parking lots and garages, schools, bridges, stadiums, cemetery chains, churches, mosques, beaches, parks, grocery store chains, fast food chains, restaurants, toll booths, American and Foreign Consulates, Government Institutions, recreational and amusement parks, entertainment venues and more.

Acclaim Guard Services provides residential and in transit body guard services and/or off duty police escort services, armed or unarmed, with or without regular or bullet proof limousines (up to level B7- Presidential level) in all shapes and sizes.  We can secure your hotel room, provide air transportation to anywhere in the United States and ensure your total protection portal to portal for a day, a week or indefinitely.

Acclaim Guard Services provides physical security surveys by legally qualified security experts to make recommendations on how to best protect your facility.  Typical recommendations include examination of the security officer or the patrolman’s patrol rounds and duties, perimeter protection, where or if alarms, motion detectors, CCTV’s should be installed, physical changes to your facility such as raising your perimeter  fencing or improved lighting, and where you might be able to save some money.

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