Security Equals Peace of Mind

Retail Security

The most effective way to deter a shoplifter is to make him or her unsure just how much security that your store has.  Do you have plain clothed loss prevention agents, or is that uniformed security officer at the front of the store all that there is?  What about those small dome cameras?  Which way are they pointing?  Is there somebody behind that mirror watching me?  What about that patrol vehicle that I saw in the parking lot?  Is he going to be waiting for me outside if I steal this?

This is the kind of omnipresence that Acclaim Guard Services can provide.  Typically in larger retail stores we will put a highly visible security officer either right outside of the front doors, or inside of the store toward the front end.  In grocery stores we typically put them in visual site of the high end alcohol and cigarettes.  Then we have a marked patrol unit check the front end of the store, your parking lot, and your loading dock/shipping area a few times per shift.

Acclaim Guard Services can then install as many cameras as will cover your areas of concern, not only in the retail area, but in your office, shipping dock areas, and even your parking lot.

If your shrink rate is larger than normal, or if you want extra protection during the holidays, on a routine or sporadic basis Acclaim Guard Services can implement plain clothed loss prevention teams to work undercover in one store or provide protection for an entire chain of stores.  We have the expertise and know how to solve any retail problem, quickly and effectively.
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