Security Equals Peace of Mind

Patrol Services

Need security but have a limited budget? Acclaim Guard Services patrol division has the solution.  Patrol services are between 30% and 50% of the cost of an on site security officer, dependent on how many patrols per night that you want, and CCTV can be added for free in many cases. Call to inquire at 1-855-212-2252!

These patrols will be made in fully marked properly equipped patrol units and driven by fully uniformed field supervisors as shown in the picture above. Field supervisors have started as security guards and have been promoted to sergeant, lieutenant, captain and ultimately field supervisor. These type of personnel normally have twelve to fourteen years of experience and make far and away better decisions in the field. They are more disciplined, detail oriented and their experience and training helps them diffuse the agitated/violent tenant and simply get the problem off of your property.

If you want a security company with a command presence, one that is a terrific security deterrent and knows how to appear omnipresent, Acclaim Guard Services is the company to call.
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