Security Equals Peace of Mind

Industrial Security

Ensuring safety and security at an industrial job site requires reducing the risk of incidents, faults, and failures that can disrupt normal operations. Protecting your people, assets, and profitability demands a holistic security and safety view. 

Acclaim Guard Services has the experience and resources to totally and completely protect your industrial job site on all levels.  If you have a distribution center or a loading dock we will focus primarily on ingress and egress and ensure that all pertinent paperwork reflects those items being shipped.  If you have a manufacturing facility your biggest problem is probably your own employees. 

Acclaim Guard Services will write detailed written instructions for our security personnel on how to watch your employees.  It might be as simple as checking bags, purses and parcels at an employee entrance.  We might do random vehicle searches at your exterior gate, and make parking area patrols looking for those lunch time pot smokers.Whatever the security duties are we typically supplement them with a myriad of CCTV/recording equipment and put up the proper signage so that your human resources department has all the documentation that they need, should a termination be in order.

Should you suspect that you have an internal problem, in collusion with your HR department and upper management we will put an undercover operative in place under the guise of say, a janitor, so that he/she will have access to all departments and be able to gather information in a casual manner.  You will receive daily reports on the ongoing undercover investigation, and a summary report when we reach the conclusion of the investigation.
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