Security Equals Peace of Mind

High Rise Security

The security personnel at your lobby desk is typically the first employee that your tenants and guests see.  These security personnel, or lobby ambassadors, based on his/her appearance and demeanor will have a significant impact on the perception of how well your building is run.

Acclaim Guard Services typically provides security personnel for high rise office buildings in a blazer style uniform.  They are trained on greeting techniques, how to politely give directions, access control procedures, how to look up a tenant via the internet or through a database to allow access to a visitor, emergency evacuation procedures, how to read and respond to your fire/life safety panel and your elevator control panel, your HVAC controls, and even high rise and parking area patrol and reporting techniques.

By virtue of how Acclaim Guard Services security staff is professionally trained, your Daily Activity Reports combined with daily communication, will make your property management job easier.  We report lights out, fire sprinklers broken, a daily inspection of the condition of your stairwells/emergency escape routes, doors or gates that will not lock, tenant doors found open after hours, vehicles stored in your parking area, trash in hallways, stairways, around the dumpster area, and more.  You will be able to come to work, read the report, pick up the phone or get on the radio, and delegate to engineering, house keeping, landscaping or whomever all of the problems in and around your building before your finish your coffee.
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