Security Equals Peace of Mind

Construction Site Security

Security plays an important role in the profitability of most construction projects.  Acclaim Guard Services understands that most security breaches on a construction site effect the project’s time line.  A lot of larger projects have an on time completion bonus, and some have penalties for finishing late.  We get that.  We will endeavor with all possible resources to ensure that your time line is not interrupted.

Whether it be a subcontractor or outsider stealing from the job, or even a safety issue, we will keep your job site superintendent fully informed on everything that is going on at the job site.  Your super will receive a Daily Activity Report detailing a breach in the fence, door or gate that does not work, water leak, subs that came in early or worked late, condition of your gang boxes, or even a count of construction inventory on the job site.  Should anything unusual occur they will receive an Incident report detailing the who, what, when, where, why and how of what happened.  These reports include names, drivers license numbers, vehicle license numbers, and full descriptions of the people and equipment involved.  If need be, one of our legally qualified experts can provide court testimony should legal action become necessary.

Acclaim Guard Services typically combines a series of different electronic protective equipment and security officer equipment, such as a computerized patrol monitoring system to ensure absolute consistency in protecting your job site.
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