Security Equals Peace of Mind

Bodyguard Executive Protection

From one day to permanent protection 24/7, Acclaim Guard Services can provide most any level of protection.  From executives to rock stars, to a private citizen with a problem, we have the solution.

Acclaim Guard Services bodyguards range from off duty police officers, ex-military, martial arts experts, to simply the big guy or gal trained in take down techniques.  They can be armed or unarmed, plain clothed or uniformed for a deterrent effect.

Acclaim Guard Services can provide all necessary travel arrangements including many different types of bullet proof vehicles up to and including presidential level protection vehicles.  The higher the B number the more protection you have.

Notably, B4, B6 and B7 Suburbans.   B6 Mercedes S550 and S600.  At times we do carry the Range Rover and other models, so just ask when you have a specific interest in the vehicle model, year and armor level.

Currently we provide these bullet proof vehicles in LA, SF, Phoenix, NY, Boston, Phila, Baltimore and DC.

Our rates vary throughout the year, depending on demand, location and length of Rental.

In some parts of the country our bodyguards are trained in evasive driving techniques.
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