Security Equals Peace of Mind

Bank Security

Key to the protection of most financial services institutions is developing critical skills in your employees and to coordinate with the security staff provided by Acclaim Guard Services. Collaboration is significant because when an incident occurs, the responders need to know how to work with the right people to stop the attack. Often, responders must work beyond their organization and other points of contact within the industry to arrive at a solution. The key skill is to have points of contact outside of the immediate team in incident response and know how and where to collaborate. Also, assisting with breach notification is quickly becoming an important step in incident handling, requiring responders to work with breach notification teams to get appropriate information from different groups. They also must help determine exactly what happened, and provide effective response to customers, stakeholders and the appropriate federal authorities. Coordinating response in advance and effectively disseminating information on the incident only to the right people by getting input from legal, public relations and your management team is paramount for good incident handlers.

Acclaim Guard Services recognizes that the greater loss from a typical bank robbery is not just the money that was stolen, it’s the ripple effect of what happens afterword that can be a significantly greater loss. Acclaim Guard Services security staff will be thoroughly trained to stop the ripple, and notify only the proper authorities.
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