Security Equals Peace of Mind

Apartments/Condos/HOA Security

A large percentage of Acclaim Guard Services business is in providing security services for residential communities.  We provide onsite security officers, access control at gates, vehicle patrols at random or appointed times, on site fully marked patrol vehicles/golf carts/Segways/bicycles, computerized patrol monitoring systems, radio’s, cell phones, cameras, CCTV’s, DVR’s, alarms, motion detectors, and window and door alarms.

Members of Acclaim Guard Services management staff have a history of either being on a board of directors for many years for large home owners associations or have many years of experience in Real Estate.  This insight, having sat on both sides of the proverbial desk makes communication between the Property Manager and Acclaim Guard Services almost like you have worked together for years, and you have an understanding where each of you are coming from. 

It also makes Acclaim Guard Services more succinct when we do the physical security survey, understanding your budget requirements, writing the post orders, understanding all pertinent legal aspects, and knowing what the owners want when it comes to managing the property. 

In fact, by virtue of how Acclaim Guard Services writes the post orders and trains the security personnel, we will make your property manager’s job easier through reporting procedures provided on Daily Activity Reports and Incident Reports.
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