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Alarm CCTV Division

You want it, we’ve got it, and our prices are better than most too.  From updating or upgrading your current system to installing an entirely new system Acclaim Guard Services Alarm Division has a way to accomplish any task.  We have some very creative Tech Reps that are very good in piecing together different equipment to accomplish any task.  From the super simple  4 cameras, a DVR and a monitor to the most elaborate of systems like those used in Federal Buildings Acclaim Guard Services does it all.

Most all of our camera/CCTV and alarm systems are internet based and can be viewed and controlled from any computer, iPad or similar hand held device from anywhere in the world.  Want to make a camera tilt, pan or zoom, change which cameras are recording, or change to all cameras record?  Pull out your iPad and do it from anywhere in in the world in a matter of seconds.

Extremely user friendly systems, quality hardware that’s easy to use and comes with our in-house warranty.  No going through third party manufacturers, mailing and packaging fees, and while your equipment is being repaired or replaced, suffering some down time.  You call us, we bring the replacement, and install it.  That’s it.  No questions asked.

If you are a current guard or patrol service user, or are about to sign a contract for these services, depending on the size of the contract we provide up to 65% discount, and in some cases all of the equipment, installation, maintenance and service is free.
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